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Benefits of Studying the Messages in a Deeper Way
2010 40 Days Diamonds from Devaki

Benefits of Studying the Messages in a Deeper Way

Making the extra effort to go deeper in the teachings has immense benefits. As Sri Vasudeva has written, "We need to continue to review those messages until they become a part of us. The messages have great value. This value can only be realized when we go deeper into them."

On May 17, 2003 he wrote this message which is as relevant today as it was then:

Read, Contemplate and Discuss

My Dear Ones,

Namaskar! Today as I sit to write I think of how many messages I have given to you over the Forty Day period. Messages to study, contemplate and discuss. I feel very happy when you get deeper into the messages and use them to guide, inspire and support you on the journey.

It is also very exciting when you discuss them in a group as the messages open up even new dimensions of meaning. Sometimes you think that you grasp the idea but when you discuss it so many new dimensions open up. When I have an idea I like to discuss it with someone or a group that really listens and participate meaningfully in discussion. The idea that I have just blossoms. In speaking about it, I see it more clearly and new ideas spring up. The original idea just develops so much more. When this happens we are able to appreciate so much more the value of conversations with those who give us the opportunity to see our ideas more clearly.

Ideas when clearly understood and assimilated aid in our self transformation. They help to guide us on our path of self development. I feel very happy when the messages I share with you become clear, meaningful and useful to you as they are to me. The more you understand who you are and where you are going the quicker you are going to get there.

You have within you the source of all possibilities. Your true nature is beyond time and change. Seek this Self within you. Do not stop until you can feel it. The experience of your true Self makes you wise, independent, powerful, joyful and free. Don't you want this? Are you satisfied being lured by the world as you chase phantoms in the darkness? You are looking for happiness, wisdom, and joy where it is not. Reflect upon your experience in the world. Is it totally satisfying? Why did Jesus say "Do not lay your treasures upon this earth...."? Why did Buddha renounce the world saying that it is all suffering? Why do the Hindus say that it is an illusion? There must be some reason for all these statements. Let us be wise. What we are searching for seems to be in the world but it is not. Let us search within for the real. It is only then we can appreciate the world for what it is and begin to enjoy the journey.

Take time to read, contemplate and discuss the Forty Day messages that I gave. It was a joy creating them for you. It would be a greater joy for me if you use them to the fullest.

Ever in service,


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2010 40 Days Diamonds from Devaki

(Fifth Province) Diamonds
Imelda Devaki McCarthy


The diamonds emerged from the team collaboration of my two colleagues and myself in the period 1981 – 1995 for our work within complex human systems. They were designed as simplifying forms, which enabled us to observe within an already observing relationship and to make sense of dualisms in therapy and consultation that we were encountering. These dualisms were ideas/themes, which were presented that were in apparent opposition to and contradiction of each other. The diamonds do not represent any intrinsic reality or realities and we always referred to them as ‘playthings’. They were only relevant in so far as they were useful to our team, the families and the professionals with whom we were co-creating. So, they:-

1. They allow the observer to see a particular field inclusively i.e. to incorporate opposing/contradictory dimensions which might otherwise disqualify or mutually eliminate each other.

2. They therefore, illustrate a logic of "both/and and neither/nor" and provide a holding frame for dualisms so that they become more apparent. As such choices can be made that can bring one to more awareness both of the dualisms themselves and also of a ‘space’ beyond the trap of dualistic (either/or) thinking. However, the transcendent ‘space’ beyond is also implicated (immanent) within the play of the dualisms also. In our teamwork as coaches, counsellors, therapists and consultants this space was referred to as the Fifth Province. For those interested in knowing more about this please see the many papers referring to it on my website (

3. The diamonds also:

a) identify the themes in a conversation or situation.
b) distinguish the relational) patterns between the themes;
c) articulate four domains of potential further conversation/reflection;
d) guide the observer in relation to possible useful and non-useful questions for reflection.

How to Construct Diamonds

a) Draw a cross +

b) Chose a word or idea from a talk or conversation that strikes you as important (resonates strongly with you and/or is used more than once). Place it at the top of the vertical line and choose its opposite and place at the bottom of the vertical line.

c) Then choose another related word which fits with the chosen pair of opposites and put it at the left side (facing you) of the the diagonal line, pick an opposite also related and place on the right side of the diagonal line. Example:

Diagram 1: Two related pairs of opposites

d) Connect outside points so that all are now in relationship. The ‘hole’ or space at the centre of the cross/diamond is the space beyond the dualisms (the Fifth Province). It is the space of transcendence. Example:

In the above diamond you will see that there are also linked ideas inserted alongside which emerge logically from the relationships e.g. as darkness moves towards daytime we have dawn and as light moves towards nighttime there is dusk. In playing with the inter-relationships between the dualisms other associated meanings and possibilities are generated. The space of the ‘fifth province’ was also called by us the province of possibilities.

Diamond applied to Day 11. Forty days 2010
Below is a sample of the diamond that was generated for the talk from Day 11 2010

Diamonds for each morning's message will be posted after the day's message (see Blog Archive at sidebar).

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